Discretization Methods in Engineering

Lecturers: Ignacio Romero and Lutz Hermanns

Email: ignacio.romero@upm.es
Lecture hours: by appointment
Room: Seminar room of the Structural Mechanics Dept.
Course presentation
Course documentation: See aulaweb (link)

Lecture 1, (10/sep/14): Introduction to the course and Matlab

Lecture 2, (17/sep/14): The Ritz method

Lecture 3, (24/sep/14): The FEM in one dimension

Lecture 4, (1/oct/14): The FEM in one dimension (more) and in 2D

Lecture 5, (8/oct/14): The mathematical theory of the FEM

Lecture 6, (15/oct/14): The FEM for elasticity

Lecture 7, (22/oct/14): Locking and mixed methods