Proyectos de investigación

  • “Error estimation in dynamic simulations of deformable solids” (2004-2006) (UPM - A0417). P.I.: I. Romero.
  • “Robust Modeling of Joints in Flexible Multibody Systems” (2003-2006). DPI2003-07201. Ministry of Science and Technology, Spain. P.I.: Juan C. García Orden. (UPM)
  • “Development of algorithms for the parallel simulation of solid dynamic problems spanning multiple time scales” (2006-2009) DPI2006-14104. Ministry of Education and Science, Spain. P.I.: I. Romero.
  • “Development of numerical algorithms for the simulation of multiscale mechanical systems in parallel computers”. (2009-2012) Project DPI2009-14305-C02-02. Department of of Science and Innovation, Spain. P.I.: I. Romero.
  • “Numerical methods that preserve the laws of thermodynamics: design, analysis, and applications to solid and fluid mechanics” (2012-2015) Project DPI2012-36429. Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Spain. P.I.: I. Romero.